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Mother Russia’s Children

The Channel 4 Dispatches film that looked at Russian society in St Petersburg, through the eyes of children,  just after the collapse of the Soviet Union 25 years ago. This film subsequently gained the Royal Television Society Award for Best Overseas Documentary in 1992.

Rings of Change

An alternative view of the cultural changes that engulfed Moscow after the introduction of Glasnost and Perestroika in Gorbachov’s new Russian society in 1992/3.

Ghosts in the Cherry Orchard

The story of UK citizen & White Russian émigré Vladimir Miller going back to discover his roots in the southern Caucus mountains of Russia. His odyssey involved quaffing vodkas and eating raw salmon with the present occupants of his family home – the High Command of the Kuban Cossacks and being offered a 14 year old bride in a Chercais village that view him as a prince.

Mikhail Lattry

For the first time this film exposes the importance of Russia’s greatest seascape artist - Ivan Aivazovsky’s nephew – Mikhail Lattry and the serious influence he had in post Civil War émigré 1920’s Paris in the transition from Art Moderne to Art Deco.

Military Motors

A 12 part series covering all of the military vehicles that have entered the World’s fields of conflict. From the T92 main Russian tank, German Tiger and British Challenger 2 to WW1 early MKs that first road over the trenches; Half tracks, amphibious vehicles, staff cars, trucks – you name it - this series covered it all!


A 6 part series that charts the history of our Capitol City from its pre-historic age, through the Roman’s Londinium maturity, into the dark ages that followed and the subsequent development of an Island race.

Dream Ticket

A 12 part series that looks at all the world has to offer for those with an alternative/Chilled aspect of life!